Biofeedback Stone now Available in Italy

it2Welcome Italia!

From today Stone Biofeedback is available directly in Italy.
You can get it on

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Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter from!

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Turn Your Windows Tablet Into Biofeedback Machine

Just tested!

Stone biofeedback games work on Windows 8.1 tables.
Windows Tablets start at $99 at Amazon.
So if you need portable powerful biofeedback system this is the solution.

Biofeedback Stone on Windows Tablet

Biofeedback Stone on Windows Tablet

biofeedback app

Biofeedback app

Biofeedback Stone – Read more…

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Stone Biofeedback is now Available in United States and Canada

In America Stone is now available not only in United States but also directly in Canada on

Stone Biofeedback on Amazon Canada

Stone Biofeedback on Amazon Canada

So from now in America Stone is available on (United States) and (Canada)



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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Hidden Biofeedback Reviews

I just discovered a bunch of reviews and comments on Stone Biofeedback.
They all 4 and 5 stars! Thank you!
(They are coming from customers that have bought Stone recently.)

Here are five most recent:
Biofeedback reviews and comments

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Biofeedback: Stone Pro and Home (Differences)

The main difference between Stone professional and home version
is the software.  The interface of both versions is very similar and
the hardware is identical.
In the pro version you can add unlimited number of users (clients), while in
home one only three.
There is possibility of more advanced outcome analysis in pro biofeedback version: wavelet
analysis and Fourier analysis. With this, the health professionals
can deliver more value to the patient.

–> For more about Stone biofeedback click here

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New Biofeedback for Stress Control and Focus Training


For everyday athletes hoping to glean more than vague inspiration from watching the elite compete at the Olympic Games, fitness experts say let the mind games begin.
With imaging techniques, meditation and biofeedback, sports psychologists, athletes and coaches say Olympians and top performers train as intensely mentally as they do physically.

Source: Reuters Continue reading

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Question to ask Before you Buy Biofeedback for your Childern with ADHD

Stone system is not designed to help with better learning or ADHD specifically, but is designed to help with anger, stress and concentration problems, which are often underlying causes of ADHD.

If the root problem with your child’s ADHD is anger, stress and problems with concentration, Stone biofeedback system is helpful.

But there is an important question to ask.
Would she or he want to play games? Will they have motivation? If they are open to do it can help a lot.

By the way, it is fun to compete in the family. I play tournaments with my 5 year old daughter. We fight who first burns out a candle or who creates biggest drops of water just by using power of mind.

Have fun.

–> For Pictures and Details about Stone biofeedback games Click Here.

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Biofeedback Review

Thank you for newest biofeedback review!
See yourself:

–> Full Biofeedback Description With Games Pictures (Click Here)

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