Mindfulness Island

Brand New. Instant download.
Additional 6 games and exercises for Stone biofeedback devices.
For now Windows and Mac versions available.
This is software. You need a Stone biofeedback device to use it.

Mindfulness Island - Biofeedback Games


Change the weather just by changing your thoughts.

Everything in an immersive 3d environment of Mindfulness Island.


Clear your mind to clear the sky.

Just relax a little and see how the weather is changing.

Focus your mind to make a bigger fire.

Or just train with a breathing pacer.

Swim on the Island by boat. Calm your mind to calm the ocean and be able to swim faster.

At the end of your boat trip, you can arrive on the island and maybe find there a treasure. Better score better treasure you will find.

You score points for each exercise and game.

Check your progress in easy to read stats.

You can also set your weekly practice target and the program will track and motivate you to do your exercises to be better at handling stress and focus faster.


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