Find out how to Manage Stress, Regain Energy and Concentration the Easy Way.

Biofeedback HRV device: Start Screen

Unleash the Power of Your Brain: Recharge for Better Health, Mood, Energy, Concentration and Sex.

Stone: Center Europe’s best-selling biofeedback system for training concentration and focus, eliminating troublesome thoughts, and clearing the mind. Now available directly in the USA.

Who is it for?

For professional psychologists, psychiatrists and trainers to help their Clients, and anyone wishing to better manage stress, thoughts and emotions by self-training at home. (Also suitable for children over 5 years of age).


My name is John Williams. My team and I have been designing mind training devices for 11 years and I’m excited to tell you about the newest result of our research-the Stone System. We have already created 3 devices with 5 versions altogether since our beginning, so we know our system works. With numerous contacts established and years of experience in creating the systems in Europe, it is now time to move on to a truly international project. Experts from various countries were engaged to do what they do best. Stone was created across three continents. System design was developed in the USA, devices are assembled in China, and software for the entire world is developed in Europe. Allow me to explain what the system contains and how it works.


The system is composed of a device (a computer add-on), games and software. It detects information on your condition through a sensor attached to your ear or finger. Stone in Action. Stone can be used without any preparation and is very easy to use:

  1. Attach the sensor and connect it to a computer.
  2. Launch a game.
  3. Control the game using only the power of your mind. (You are training your mind by playing).

Attention: attaching the sensor properly is now super easy. As soon as the sensor receives a signal, a light will flash on the device. You know at once everything is working properly.

We also added a clip to the sensor cable you can attach to your clothing. The cable won’t get in your way and using the system will be even more comfortable.

With the Stone System, you will improve your Memory and Concentration. The games will teach you how to focus at any time. All this with user-friendly software.

The System contains an entire Set of Training Games.

Crystal Clear. A Game for Clearing the Mind. Teaches Instant Focus.

A Game for Clearing the Mind.
You control water. See how different droplets appear as you change the focus level of your brain. The clearer the mind, , the larger the drops and the quicker the bowl gets filled. See how quickly can you complete this task using only the power of your mind?


Energy Booster. A Computer Game to Help Manage Annoying Thoughts. Regain Concentration and Energy.

For Concentration and Energy
This game will teach you how to get rid of irritating thoughts, concentrate and focus on what’s important now. In order to win, you must repress unnecessary thoughts and emotions (I will show you how). Focus on sensing the here and now. Unlock natural resources in your body to fight fatigue and find energy to do the things you love…

Instant Relaxation. This Game Teach You Instant Relaxation Technique.

Instant Relaxation.

Finally! Instant Relaxation Now! ! Psychological research shows how you can easily and totally relax in a matter of seconds, using a method learned by playing this simple game.

Once you start playing you will be amazed how much more quickly and effortlessly you will cope with even the most nerve-racking situations in your daily life.

This simple game will train your mind with a powerful technique which will provide instant relaxation. It works is by harmonizing your breathing with your heart rate (HRV). Clear instructions are attached. Even a child can do it! Let this machine work on your mind for one evening… I can guarantee that your friends will gossip about the “Mental Magic” abilities you will be able to show off the next morning.

Extra Game Free!

Mental Magic – Mind Control. Become Master or Mistress of Mind Control.

Control Game by Your Brain.
This game teaches you to control your emotions. In order to complete the task, you must silence your thoughts and emotions. The poorer your mental condition, the harder the game will be to play. The car will move slower and potholes will appear in the road. The better your focus and relaxation, the easier the road will become. The car will gain speed. Test yourself against to family members and friends! See who will be the first to complete seven laps. Biofeedback Start

Stone Will Improve Your Motivation

Even the best system in the world will not work if you don’t use it. Stone uses a point system and rewards making the game even more fun to play. Game Score.
You score increases every time you play. This is only the beginning… Session Summary.

Points earned from each game are added to your total .The more you play, the more prizes you can win. If you agree we will post your score for others to see. It’s totally up to you. All of the scores are posted above. Easy to Read Stats.

Here are the results from all your training so far with a complete summary of each session. There is a place to add notes or comments for each session as well.

Multi User. One System can be used by many people.

When you purchase the professional version of this system, all of your clients will be able to use it. The home version of this system is for you and up to two additional friends or family members. Additional fee applies for more participants-see chart below. Add New User.
You can add new users whenever necessary.

The application is highly configurable.

Game settings are from Basic to Advanced and include many levels. You can control the applications you use and which elements you want to analyze. Stone is highly configurable

Free Updates

You will receive free updates on our latest version of the system .We will notify you when new games are available.

Your Opinion Matters

We care about you and want to hear about your results. You will receive a special link to our member forum where you can share your opinions with other users and help our company create products designed to suit your individual needs.

“Side Effects” of Playing Stone Games

According to psychological research, programs that help you relax and reduce your stress can also be helpful in getting rid of headaches, to sleep better, relieve depression and other everyday ailments which are caused by daily stress and problems due to lack of concentration.

You will protect your mind and add many delightful years to your life. Feel better and live longer!

Driving Force. Why it works and what’s inside.

Stone - device based on biofeedback Stone is a biofeedback-based device which uses the same technology developed by NASA researchers to help astronauts control their emotions and behavior while working with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and others in confined spaces so they would be able to function and act effectively regardless of the conditions. This is how biofeedback (biological feedback) was born.  

Here is what the name means:

  • Biological: involving a living organism (human).
  • Feedback: exchange of information between a human and a machine, where information read by a machine is delivered to the human and affects personal performance, which is then fed back to the machine. A circle of information is created.
  • With our system, some of games are played by controlling your mind and do not require using a keyboard or mouse.

Biofeedback HRV. Detailed description of the method.

The system is based on biofeedback HRV, i.e. analysis of heart rate variability. Stone was developed based on many years of research and experiments. When measuring your heart rate, you will notice that it keeps changing. It adapts to whatever you are doing or thinking. Research shows that when you are under stress , lose concentration, or lack focus, your heart rate is different than the times you are relaxed, concentrating, and focused. Heart rate changes not only from variation in your physical activity or emotions, but also when inhaling and exhaling which are known as Mayer Waves. By applying various time scales, you can measure the synchronization between heart rate and breath, or the regularity and stability of the heart rate. Graphs below show heart works when stressed and when focused.
Biofeedback Start
This is an actual reading from the Stone device and you can see the difference when the participant is under stress and when the participant is focused. You will be monitoring your heart rate to determine your level of focus. Then, the Stone biofeedback HRV will read your heart rate and transform the raw data into a game for you to play. Here’s how you start your game. When you change your thoughts and emotions, you will be changing the action on the screen. If you are distracted at the time you are playing your game, you’ll get different results than when you are concentrating and are focused. You get more points and your score will improve the more you focus. As you play this game on a regular basis, you will soon discover how much your thoughts affect your body. You’ll learn how to consciously adjust your thoughts for more peace of mind and find it easier to maintain your inner balance, making it easier to stay focused. This is how Biofeedback HRV works.

Stone. Heart of the System.

Stone uses the mathematical analysis tool from a branch of mathematics which was only developed in the last 10 years known as Wavelet Analysis. This analysis incorporates an effective image compression tool which is commonly used in jpg imagery in cameras. Other systems on the market still use the old FFT technology, but not Stone. Analysis methods comparison

Speed times 3.

While maintaining the same result quality, measurement analysis in Stone is 3 times faster than it would be with the old FFT method! Stone technology makes the analysis 3 times faster than the FFT method and users love that because they get feedback three times faster. You see how your body is reacting immediately on the screen. Stone’s multi-factor analysis also provides a maximum amount of information on your emotional state. You receive this information while having fun and playing a game that you control with your mind. For professionals who have clients playing this game, you will have access to a graph showing the participants’ FFT analysis which you can then use for comparison.

Professional analysis enabled

Professional users will have access to monitor graphs and live analysis in a separate window or from a separate screen. Biofeedback Session
In addition to the traditional statistical analysis, the system offers wavelet analysis (first ever in training HRV biofeedback) and frequency analysis. Graphs have a zoom function and can be enlarged to display greater detail. The software allows researchers access to the recorded files that contain raw data which can be used for additional analysis.
You can customize your Live Statistics Screen to fit your individual needs. Easy Operation and support: Stone analyzes complex information for you. The program is easy to run, operate, and understand. The games and most of the graphs were designed so that even a five-year-old would understand them. If you have any questions, contact our support team by phone or e-mail. You will receive a response within a maximum of 48 hours.

Stone works on computers and tablets with Windows.

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10 or Windows 11
Stone works on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, XP or Vista. Minimum system requirements:
1GHz or faster processor,
1GB of RAM or more,
CD-ROM drive or internet access,
sound card, USB port.

The system works on Windows desktops, notebooks and tablets.
Biofeedback Stone Big Screen Biofeedback Stone Laptop Screen Biofeedback for Tablet

Each device has a unique number. It works with the software version provided.

Test it for 30 days – at my risk

Satisfaction GuaranteeNo Questions Asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You can test the Stone for 30 days. Keep it only if it meets your expectations. If not, return the product and I will give you your money back, no questions asked. The Full product purchase price will be refunded. You are responsible only the cost of shipping. In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let us know. We’ll give you your money back. We obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you will get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

I wish many successes and fascinating discoveries to
all current and future Stone users,

Note: this is the first product batch. The next one will be available in a month. If you want to become one of the first owners of Stone biofeedback, order now.

This is what’s included in the Pack:

Unleash your Inner Power. Order now.

  • Software Package: 3 games with progress analysis and a motivational system. One extra game free.
  • Biofeedback sensor: a heart rate sensor to be attached to your ear or finger. (Requires only periodic cleaning with a dry cloth).
  • Stone device: analyzes data from the sensor and sends it to the computer via USB. Easy Installation.
  • 24-month warranty.
  • Instruction manual.

Choose your Edition

The system is available in two editions: Professional or Home Edition.

Pro. For Professionals.

$397 $197

Pro Edition includes all games, unlimited users (limited only by computer capacity). All statistics. Includes wavelet analysis plots, Poincare plot and Fourier transforms (with window and scale settings).

Home. For home use.

$347 $149

Home Edition, all games, up to 3 users, additional users requires Pro version. Statistics include the Stones score and HRV plot only. Other functions are the same as Pro.

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