New Biofeedback for Stress Control and Focus Training


For everyday athletes hoping to glean more than vague inspiration from watching the elite compete at the Olympic Games, fitness experts say let the mind games begin.
With imaging techniques, meditation and biofeedback, sports psychologists, athletes and coaches say Olympians and top performers train as intensely mentally as they do physically.

Source: Reuters

Many sports people say that your mental state is even more important than physical preparation.

John Williams one of the creators of European bestseller biofeedback HRV device says there is. Stone is a computer add-on that changes imaging techniques and meditation practice with easy to use computer based games.

You sit in front of your computer and play simple games like: Instant Relaxation. It’s a breathing exercise. While watching a screen guide you learn how to synchronize your breathing with your heart to gain instant relaxation and peace of mind.

In another game, called Crystal Clear, you fill a bowl with water.  Using only the power of your mind, different droplets appear as you change the focus level of your brain.

And, in the Energy Booster game, you learn how to get rid of irritating thoughts, allowing you to regain concentration and energy. Using your concentration power, you control fire. Make it as big as you can so the candle will burn faster.

As you get better, your game time will get better, and most importantly, you are able to effortlessly improve your focus skills.

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