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Flow can be used almost anywhere (discreetly) – For Stress

  Flow is mobile as your smartphone! Sensor and device easily hide in your pocket. Available for discrete use anytime you want.

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Stress Reduction – Is What Mark Cuban Vales the Most

“The people that tend work for me a long time, not only are smart, not only are driven, not only are learners, but they understand that the greatest value you can offer a boss is to reduce their stress” said … Continue reading

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Flow HRV Monitor and Biofeedback – Unboxing and First Use

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Flow HRV – New Andorid App for Stress

Flow HRV – it’s a set of gamified guided meditations, visualizations and breathing exercises combined with latest heart rate variability biofeedback technology.

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How long it would take to finish the biofeedback games?

Games last from 2 to around 15 minutes. The first game “Instant relaxation” takes always 2 minutes. It just shows the user their relaxation graph. The games also award users with points to keep motivation. Two other games “Energy Booster” … Continue reading

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Deepak Chopra Event (Sponsored by

On  May 5 dr Deepak Chopra gave lecture The Future of Wellbeing, followed by guided meditation session. was a proud silver sponsor of that event. Deepak Chopra is the author of more than eighty books translated into over forty-three … Continue reading

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How HRV Biofeedback Works by Deepak Chopra (Short Video)

In this short video you can learn how Stone (HRV biofeedback) works. TIME magazine has described Dr. Deepak Chopra as “one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century”. For full description and pictures of Stone HRV biofeedback … Continue reading

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Mark Zuckerberg Use HRV Biofeedback?

According to The Facebook Effect book by David Kirkpatrick. Founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was training using computer based biofeedback. As we can read: “She [Mark’s wife] gave him special software for his computer that came with little biofeedback monitors … Continue reading

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Biofeedback Stone now Available in Italy

Welcome Italia! From today Stone Biofeedback is available directly in Italy. You can get it on

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Happy Easter :)

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