New, Easy to Use, Balance Graph For Stone Biofeedback

I latest software update for Stone Pro you can find a new Balance graph. It shows a balance between the sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and the parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) nervous systems.

You can easily see if you have more sympathetic or parasympathetic activity.

Easy to read and understand instantly:

  • More red color more sympathetic activity.
  • More green more parasympathetic activity.

The update is free for all existing Stone Pro users.

Balance points are added to the Live Stats screen, but our most important metric is still the Flow points graph.
The Flow graph is easy to read and shows your overall mental condition.
More Flow points mean a better flow state (relaxed focus mind).

You can see all the graphs:

Note, if you want to do an even deeper analysis, there are more graphs available to see on the Live Stats screen: Instant HRV Graph and Poincare Plot. You can turn them on in settings if you like.

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