Biofeedback Games in Action (Video)

Just published new video about Stone biofeedback games:

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In this short video you will learn how biofeedback games work.

Games on video:

  • Instant Relaxation
  • Energy Booster
  • Crystal Clear
  • The Mental Magic bonus game

Biofeedback Breathing Exercise

Instant Relaxation

First, choose the Instant Relaxation game from the menu.
This is a breathing exercise guided by your heart.
The green graph shows the number of points collected at a given moment.
Blue color indicates the player’s heart rate.

When the player starts fulfilling the game tasks, points are scored.

At the beginning, the heart rate changes chaotically. The graph is very irregular.
When the heart begins to beat more rhythmically and smooth, the graph becomes smooth and the player scores points.

The exercise is very simple to do. Inhale as the blue line goes up,
and exhale as it falls down.
The functioning of the whole body is in harmony, and the player is calm and focused.
The chart shows how applause distracted the player.
Immediately more points are scored (see green graph). But returning to the game
and re-doing exercises improve the result. The player starts scoring more points.

Concentrate on one thought

Inner Energy

The next Inner Energy (previous name: Energy Booster) game shows how to concentrate on one thought. This is a flame-game.
The player needs to make the candle burn itself out as soon as possible. The point is to use one’s level of concentration to adjust the flame size, to make it become as big as possible.
The bigger the flame, the faster the candle burns itself out. The player concentrates on one thought.
Here you can see the candle burned out quickly. Excellent time: one minute, fifty seven seconds.
For each game, the player scores new points.

Clear your thoughts

Crystal Clear

The next Crystal Clear game shows how to clear your thoughts. Please fill the entire bowl with water. The size of drops corresponds with the level of concentration. The freer you are from distractions, the faster the bowl will fill. The game is over, the time is: two minutes, forty one seconds. The bowl is filled.

Stay concentrated in a flow state

The Mental Magic bonus game

The Bonus Mental Magic game is the most difficult for advanced players and will teach you how to stay concentrated in a flow state.
The player’s calmness and concentration cause the holes to be less and less frequent, therefore the car goes faster and faster. Additional difficulty lies in the fact that the player also has to concentrate on controlling the vehicle.

Games details.

Wish you less stress and laser focus.
All the best!

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