Biofeedback Games at Invention Expo in Florida

Convention Center At the Invention Expo, held at the Palm Beach County Convention Center in Florida, US, inventors celebrated Thomas Edison’s birthday.
The legendary inventor’s great grand niece, Sarah Miller Caldicott had to blow out 165 candles.

Biofeedback Stone at Inventors Show
Photography: Expo participant testing Stone biofeedback.

The expo was not dedicated to high technology, so the prevailing inventions were simple but bright ideas. Attendees were treated to a phantasmagoric display of remarkable inventions stretching across a wide spectrum of creativity, for example, a detainer for paint brushes or gadget for golfers’ wives: massage device using golf balls.

Biofeedback games met with a very warm welcome: „Look, it really works! Here I was training and here I had a conversation!” -one of the Stone games testers was reporting excitedly while showing the biofeedback graph.

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