Biofeedback For Stress Management and Anxiety Control

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Most people have heard the word, “biofeedback.” Yet, many do not have any idea what it is, why we need to know about, and what it can do their them.

With biofeedback, you are measuring something from your body such as your heart rate and sending the data to be analyzed-usually by a computer. This information you get that is collected from your body is presented in a visual format so that you can see where you are at this moment in time and what you need to improve.

According to Wikipedia, biofeedback may be used to improve health, performance, and physiological changes that often occur in conjunction with changes to thoughts, emotions, and behavior.

Let’s use the example of someone who owns a business that has employees to manage and products and services to be sold. Every day there are new problems, issues that arise, employees and customers to deal with, family pressures, stress, and frustrations.

One day, this person realizes that he or she is allowing emotions to get in the way and they are contributing to feeling of being out of control and it’s time to do something about this.

You might imagine this person having a conversation with Dr. Phil and you’d hear his famous question,”How’s that working for you?” The person we are writing about knows that staying on their current pathway of stress and anxiety is no longer working for them. In fact, their stress is hurting their lives.

When you are angry and stressed, it effects not only the way you feel, it impacts the relationships that you have with other people in your life.

With biofeedback you know immediately how you are doing and you have the opportunity to make changes in your thoughts, behavior, and emotions for your benefit.

I recently interviewed Marek Jacenko, from the Institute of Neurotechnology in Europe about the work his team has been doing over the last 11 years which includes designing mind training devices.

“To date, ” he explained,” we have created three devices which use biofeedback and interactive software to help people more effectively manage their emotions of anger and stress.”

The concept of having a device and a system that you could use daily or whenever you need it to help control your levels of stress sounded like something the drivers should take before getting on our highways each day for rush hour.

Marek told me that the software he uses is this biofeedback device was developed in Europe and the product was designed in the USA. Marek demonstrated the “Stone Biofeedback System.”

To use this device you begin by placing a sensor on your finger or your earlobe so that it will measure your heartbeat.

According to the creators of “Stone Biofeedback System,” When you control your emotions and thoughts you change your heartbeat. On the computer screen you will see the heartbeat patterns and how by changing your emotional state they change as well.”

“We were surprised, but our research over the last decade shows that men ages 40-51 are our biggest fans. I guess when you’ve got some life under your belt and you realize that things are not going smoothly and you are the reason, it’s time to take action and pills are not the answer. These men wanted to find a more natural way that they could improve themselves and their emotions and they found this biofeedback system which is easy to use, available whenever they need or want it, and they can see immediate results on their computer screen. ”

With biofeedback, your body lets you know how your doing and you can measure and see how your changes effect your body.

Lori Wilk is a high-energy, motivational speaker who writes about business and balanced living.

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