Better to use Graphs or Games in Biofeedback HRV?

We have two HRV biofeedback products:

  1. Stone biofeedback for Windows computers and
  2. Flow HRV biofeedback for Android smartphones and tablets.

One of the training games for Stone is HRV trace line with a score line in the background. During the session, when running any other game you can watch the game screen and graph screen. So you can adjust what you see.

Flow has Heart Rate Variability line in all training games.

These training games are a way to better visualize data. You see bigger or smaller drops of water, smaller or bigger fire on a candle. Some people prefer to see these visualizations than graphs but graphs are always available if you need or prefer them. Using this biofeedback device you can use data visualization in games or graphs, whatever is better for you.

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