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How to Use Stone for The First Time:

Here are videos to help you better use biofeedback Stone games:


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Text version bellow:

Stone Basics

Hi, I’m glad you’re here . Thank-you for purchasing Stone which has our unique games to help you become more relaxed and focused.


First , look inside your Stone package and see what’s included:

  • Stone device (Each Stone has unique serial number on it.)

  • CD with Stone Software.

  • paperwork and information about our products..


Next, look inside the box to see what’s included :

  • The heart rate sensor and  cord.

  • USB extension cord.

Now, take Stone out of the box and look at :

               On one side is the hole where you connect the sensor

                 The metal USB connector plug is on the other end of Stone.

         On the front of Stone is a heart the lights up when you use it.

               It’s unique serial number that you will use to register your Stone


To get started:

1.   Place the  CD in computer and install the software using the guidelines on the screen.

2.      Take the sensor and insert the  metal end completely into the hole. So that you hardly see any more of the metal. If you listen carefully you might hear a click when you do it right.

3.      Now flip open the metal USB plug at the tip of the Stone and then insert it to the USB port of your computer.

Note: If there’s no enough room for your plug Stone directly into USB port use the USB extension cord. You will also want to use the USB extension cord if you will not be able see the heart light when you are using Stone.

Once you have connected Stone correctly,  the heart light goes on.

4.      Next, place the sensor on your earlobe or on your finger. For your convenience there’s a clip on the wire to attach it to your clothing.


Solving problems:  The sensor is sensitive and it must touch your skin to work. If your hair gets caught in the sensor it blocks  the signal. If you have pierced ears place sensor on the part of your ear without the hole. Place sensor on your finger if there’s no room on your ear.

5.      After you done these steps correctly the heart will start blinking to your heart beat.

Now you can open the games in your computer and play these games that will teach you  methods of controlling your stress and increasing your focus.

Instant Relaxation

Instant Relaxation game is a breathing exercise that takes only two minutes and is easy to do because it is guided by your heart.

The way it works is: when you inhale, the blue line goes up, when you exhale it goes down.

When you are more stressed, the heart rate changes chaotically so the graph looks very irregular.

When your heart begins to beat more rhythmically, the blue graph will look more like a wave and you will earn more points.

Blue color indicates your heart rate, the green graph shows the number of points you’ve earned.

By playing this game you will become more calm and focused and your whole body will be in better harmony. Happy breathing.


Energy Booster

The Energy Booster game is a guided meditation designed to help you uplift your spirit and thoughts and ultimately become happier by using gratitude to create a flame that grows bigger as you focus on what you love, appreciate or are thankful for.

To begin think now about someone you love… or maybe someone who loves you… something you are thankful for… or an experience you had that makes you happy. Pick the first one that comes now to your mind.

You can look at this thought in even more detail now. What can be good about this thought? How good you feel when you think about it? Does it make you smile?

When you are thinking about it maybe there are some sounds… pictures… smells… or feelings that you notice. Allow yourself to experience these thoughts as they are.

Maybe now you can notice even more details about this experience. What colors do you see? Are they dull or brighter? What sounds do you hear are they soft or little louder? Maybe someone is with you.


You can see this from your own perspective or from the perspective of the whole group, or even from the whole planet.

As you concentrate on this positive emotion you will notice the flame on the candle will get bigger. The bigger the flame, the faster the candle burns out, the more points you earn. The goal is to get the candle to burn as quickly as possible.

Crystal Clear

The Crystal Clear is game that helps you clear your thoughts. After starting this  game, pick something you see to focus your thoughts on. Make it something simple  like the fishbowl.

As you focus on this other thoughts may pop into your head. Let them go the same way they came, without any anxiety. Focus your  thoughts back on the item you have chosen.

If you had an important thought you can write it down or tell your mind that you will be back to it after this exercise.


Having thoughts can sometimes be like hearing a voice. If the voice wants to stay, change it.

If it’s a man strong voice change it to woman. Change speed of it. If it’s slow make it very fast. If fast make it funny slow. Change this voice and it will disappear.


Give yourself a few short minutes to totally clear your mind. Disconnect from all everyday thoughts and let your mind flow.

As you do so you will begin to see bigger and bigger drops of water filling up the fishbowl.

The sizes of the drops you see correspond with the rate at which you are removing the distraction thoughts, anxiety, and stress from your mind. The less distracted you are, the bigger the drops, the faster the bowl fills, and the more points you earn.

The goal of this game is to fill the fishbowl with water as quickly as possible. The faster you clear your thoughts the more points you earn.


When the fishbowl will be filled to the top with water you’ll completed the game.


The Mental Magic bonus game

The Mental Magic game is the most challenging.

The goal of this game is to maintain focus and flow.

When you push start you will use the arrows on the keyboard to control the movement of the car on the track. Use the shift button on your keyboard like you would use a handbrake.

You will notice that the track has holes and black obstacles that will get in your way and send your car off-track.

When you get more calm, concentrate and stay in flow, you will notice the holes and obstacles on the track will disappear one by one.

The maximum speed that you can drive this car at will also increase.

To improve your score use one of the methods you learned playing one of the previous games.

If you have any more questions please check FAQ section or contact us.

Wishing you less stress and laser focus and all the best.