First User reviews:

“Nice item, easy instructions, a good deal.”


A father writes:

“My 12-year old daughter burns down the candle in 2-3 minutes, mine keeps going out :)”

A mother on her son with ADHD:

“He says it works and he had to concentrate to fill the bowl with water”

More messages from Clients:

“When you have ADD and don’t get things done, you don’t feel so good about the things you missed. It works on you. I found Stone Biofeedback games and asked myself,” What could be bad if I try something to make my life better?” These Biofeedback games were worth the money I spent to be more calm, less stressed, and more focused and able to concentrate on my work.”

“Very good product”

11 years old girl:

“It is like doing yoga and Zumba at the same time”

Biofeedback was recommended at the pain clinic, as part of my treatment.
I tried their Stone system and really liked it.

“This software program really brings, up front in your mind, during each session a sense of help in relaxation techniques!”

“Generally the device is great. It makes me feel better. I will recommend it.”

“Received the package exactly as described and on time.”

“This product was well packaged with good instructions and easy to use. Playing the games is helping me to be more focused.”

“use with students and it works great”

“Easy setup and use.”

“The sensor is very precise and responds well to changes in emotion.”


“Many thanks excellent games”


Reviews of Stone biofeedback from European Professionals:

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> > First impressions on blog – Sports Psychologist Paweł Habrat.
> Video test of pediatrician and cardiologist.
> Short video – young people from a Socio-therapy Center.
> Collection of articles on the Stone method.

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